Our story

MunkyFun, founded in 2008, is an independently-owned mobile game company focused on creating high-quality 3D games with unique game mechanics. Located in downtown San Francisco, the team comprises of veteran game developers experienced on both console and mobile. Their first game was a puzzle title and one of the initial apps available for download on mobile app stores. Since then, the team has created several award-winning titles including a technically advanced first-person shooter, one of the first networked multiplayer PVP experiences on mobile. MunkyFun has shipped many high quality games both independently and in partnership with top industry publishers.

  • League of War: Mercenaries - 2016

  • League of War - 2013

  • NFL Runner - 2013

  • D:Com - 2013

  • Knight Storm - 2013

  • Bounty Bots - 2012

  • My Horse - 2011

  • Bionic Arena Hunt - 2011

  • PowerGig - 2010

  • Archetype* - 2010

  • Ghost Pirates - 2009

  • A Vampyre Story - 2008

  • Shift- 2008

  • Ivory Tiles - 2008

* Archetype is a registered trademark of Elephant Mouse LLC


Our Team


Nick Pavis

 CEO & Co-Founder

Before launching MunkyFun, Nick was Director of Game Technology at LucasArts, a division of Lucasfilm, Ltd. During his 12 year tenure Nick was selected to be part of the founding group responsible for rebuilding LucasArts after a major restructure in 2004. He masterminded the technology strategy and partnerships for the best selling game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and grew the internal studio from literally 5 engineers to over 80, forming 3 teams and coordinating external development. Prior to that, Nick was Technical Director on over ten shipped titles and Lead Engineer on nine, dating back to the Super Nintendo.

Throughout his career he has helped advise and manage both internal and external projects as well as other tech startups. He brings great strength in Leadership, Communication, Strategic Planning, Team Building and Prototype Production. His programming experience spans most modern consoles, and he still likes to keep his programming skills sharpened from time to time, providing his experience in the areas of user experience, presentation, shaders, animation, and audio. When not starting new companies or creating best selling games, Nick enjoys a nice cup of coffee and exploring the bay area with his two children.


Oren Weizman

VP of Engineering & Co- Founder

Oren has extensive engineering experience in a multitude of areas of game development which gives him an invaluable ability to dive into the details while still managing the overall vision during development. Previously, Oren worked for LucasArts and Terminal Reality on AAA next gen console games including Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Ghostbusters and Aeon Flux.

Oren is a firm believer that it is better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission. His vision for MunkyFun is to create an environment where everyone is a leader, empowered to take risks, make decisions and reap the rewards for doing so.

Oren developed his leadership skills during military service, where he learned to make decisions under pressure and with imperfect information as is common in game development. When this Munky is not working, he enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, keeping up with the financial world and spending time with his wife.