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GameSauce Studio Spotlight: because every good game involves a little munky business Link

modojo’s Interview with MunkyFun’s CEO Nick Pavis  Link

Two products that we developed under a different brand have won parent choice awards, and one of them was featured on an Apple TV Ad

MunkyFun has been recognized by as a top 10 mobile developer to watch in 2012!  Link

SF Gate talks about GREE’s investment in MunkyFun, Inc. Link

League of War

“League of War pushes the boundaries of what players can expect from a next-gen mobile gaming experience.” – Ken Chiu, Sr. Vice President, Social Games, GREE International, Inc. 

D:Com – Mission Alpha 

Android Game of the Day: Droid Combat “If you could imagine a little bit of Exzeus 2 mixed with the dog fighting style of air based combat from the Ace Combat series of games, and the location-based features of ingress, then you can imaging the intensity of Droid Combat.” – Android Headlines [Link]

“Something like Pokemon meets Mech Warrior” – Android Fanatics [Link]

“Droid Combat game is  great MMO fun” – [Link]

Knight Storm 

“A medieval adventure that you’ll never forget.” – Dragon Eternity Link

“‘There’s a lot to like about Knight Storm. Its 3D graphics are stunning, and on a par with the most impressive top-end premium games on the platform such as Infinity Blade and its ilk. Its gameplay, too, has a considerable amount more depth than many other casual role-playing games of this type.” – Inside Social Games Link

Knight Storm Review Rating:  ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐:: ‘TWAS ALL IN JOUST  – 148 Apps Link

 Bounty Bots

“Bounty Bots on iOS: If Team Fortress 2 and Super Mario met in a bar…” Joe Osborne – Link

Bounty Bots has a distinct Pixar-esque style that is present throughout the game.” 8.7/10 Chris Kerr

“Bounty Bots Review: Rating:  :: MONEY MONEY MONEY” – Link

“Join a Multiplayer Battle for Treasure in Bounty Bots – Score: ” 

“An absolute blast to play. A shooter that doesn’t make it all about shooting, more about fun. Pleasant visuals and cool weapon and character models. 4.5 Stars” Link

“Say hello to Team Fortress 2’s little brother. Bounty Bots plays like a full scale PC shooter.” – Link

Quality Index Top 10 iPhone games and apps for April 2012 – Link

Quality Index Top 10 iPad games and apps for April 2012 – Link

“More exciting than a busload of enraged macaques!” — BeefyComet1

“It’s exactly like that dream I was telling you about… the one with the exploding cactus.” — Cranksprocket O’Donovan

“I’ll show you how to use the GooGun properly.” — Jim York, Lead Engineer

“The best old west fighting robot game I’ve ever played.” — FunkyCaulk1

“Nice coins, now get yourself some.” — HuskyAioli1

“Go do whatever you want to do, I’m playing Bounty Bots.” Sarah Donovan, wife of designer Andy Donovan

My Horse

Everyone Loves My Horse

Half a million Daily Active Users

Over 10 million downloads

Apple’s Worldwide App of the Week

Featured in the Cutting Edge Games Section on the App Store

#1 Family Game on the App Store

Featured in A Television Spot for Sprint

#1 Game in the App Store at Launch says, “My Horse may be a freemium pet sim about horses, but it’s a GREAT freemium pet sim about horses.” 4.5 Stars Link says “My Horse is a beautiful game that pushes the technological barriers of mobile entertainment” Link

One of’s “Top 5 Free Awesome iPad Games You Simply Must Have” “Finally make your horse-owning dreams come true with My Horse app” Link


*Archetype is a registered trademark of Elephant Mouse LLC

Apple’s “App of the Week” Says, “Who said the iPhone can’t handle a first-person shooter?” Game of the Month Link “Too often, I’m told that the iPhone cannot play hardcore games. The next time I hear this untruth, I am going to wave Archetype in front of the offender’s face… Archetype is a great little multiplayer shooter.” 8.4 Impressive Game Score Link “Archetype delivers one of the most robust, beautiful, and most importantly fun FPS experiences that can be had on the iPhone.” Link “The deathmatches are exciting, the controls are brilliant, and the graphics are excellent (they’re even optimized for iPhone 4)… Any way you slice it, if you like deathmatch-style first-person shooters, you’ll love Archetype.” 4 out of 4 Must Have “Keeps the 5-on-5 multiplayer action fast, frenzied, and remarkably good” Link “Archetype lives up to the hype.” – Link

Featured in the Cutting Edge Games Section on the App Store

#1 Game in the Paid Charts at Launch – “Like Halo, Call of Duty? If so, then Archetype is the right game for you!” Link

IGN’s July 2010 App of the Month Link

Official Archetype Website

Ivory Tiles “If you enjoy a good spatial puzzle game, Ivory Tiles will have you hooked for many pleasant hours.” Link “If I had one “negative” thing to say about it, it would simply be that it’s TOO addicting.” Link ” Ivory Tiles draws you into the challenge of solving its spatial and geometric puzzles like nothing I have ever experienced.” Link – 9.0’s “Best Puzzle Game of 2008” and “Best Casual Game of 2008!” Nominations

Official Ivory Tiles Website

A Vampyre Story “It’s great fun, showcases some hilarious dialogue, and is paired with an absolutely fantastic soundtrack.” 9/10 Link”One of the most fun graphic adventures I’ve played in years.” 89% Link