Make your fortune in the Welded West!

Take part in the classic tale of greedy robotic desperados hurling explosive cacti and toxic goo at each other in the historic frontier town of Deadbolt.

Okay, so maybe it’s not so classic, but Bounty Bots is a frantic multiplayer action game with outrageous weapons and zany powers in a West that never was.  Bag Bounties, grab coins and GET TO THE BANK to lock in your loot.  Customize your ‘bot, choose your weapons, and get rich in the craziest shooter available on mobile devices.



"An absolute blast to play."

 "A shooter that doesn’t make it all about shooting, more about fun. Pleasant visuals and cool weapon and character models. 4.5 Stars"


Bounty Bots has a distinct Pixar-esque style that is present throughout the game.”

Chris Kerr

"Say hello to Team Fortress 2’s little brother."

 "Bounty Bots plays like a full scale PC shooter.”