A storm is approaching

A storm is approaching, and you have been called to protect the land. In Knight Storm, compete in a challenging series of jousting tournaments to strengthen your skills.  Test your abilities by dueling your friends to determine who is the mightiest knight in the realm.  Meanwhile, embark on a fantasy RPG adventure, exploring a troubled land and shielding it from the Knight Storm.

Action packed with high-quality 3D graphics and bone-shattering physics, Knight Storm creates an exciting medieval fantasy world never before seen on a mobile device.  Pick-up-and-play mechanics and integrated social features makes being a knight easier than ever before.  So, grab your lance, mount your steed, and forge your legend in this social multiplayer game.



"A medieval adventure that you’ll never forget.”

Dragon Eternity

"There’s a lot to like about Knight Storm."

"Its 3D graphics are stunning, and on a par with the most impressive top-end premium games on the platform such as Infinity Blade and its ilk. Its gameplay, too, has a considerable amount more depth than many other casual role-playing games of this type.”

Inside Social Games

"The game is well done in all areas,

and offers such a varied game play experience, one can really get a taste of living like a true knight.”

iPhone Life