Why is Arcade mode locked?

Arcade will unlock as soon as the player completes the 3rd campaign battle. The early campaign battles are intended to familiarize the player with the controls and the basic game rules.


How do I start a two player game?

After Arcade mode is unlocked, the  VR player chooses Arcade mode from the initial menu. Then on the Commander Select screen, the second player must press “X” on the DualShock controller to enter into two player action via the Social Screen.


What is the Social Screen?

The TV screen can either show what the VR player is seeing, or it can show a completely different image via a PlayStation VR feature called “Social Screen.”

  • In League of War: VR Arena, we use the Social Screen feature to allow a second player to join in on the action with head-to-head multiplayer.
  • In League of War: VR Arena, a second person can also spectate with basic camera controls during the single player game.


Are there any plans to introduce online and tournament play for the game?

MunkyFun is actively seeking funding for development of a head-to-head online play mode for the game.


How can I tell if my unit is effective against an opposing unit?

1. Pay attention to what unit deals more damage to a specific unit type by recognizing the color of the line of sight and reticle.

  • Green shows an advantage.
  • Red means the unit is not targetable.

2. Unit Strengths

  • Infantry has a damage advantage against Air
  • Tank and Artillery cannot target Air units
  • Tank has a damage advantage over Tank and Artillery
  • Recon has a damage bonus against other Recon
  • Air has a damage advantage over Artillery


Do you have any tips to improve my play?

  1. If you don't have Infantry to go up against Air units, try and use multiples of Recon units.

  2. If your squad does not have Recon units to counter enemy Recon units, create a wall of Tanks and place your Artillery behind. It will be protected from incoming fire and causes a lot of ranged splash damage.

  3. Artillery units will do massive damage to your ground forces.  Air units are very strong in this case, but if you do not have air available you can spread out your units to reduce the effect of splash damage.

  4. It can be difficult to finish off the enemy’s base when you have them on the defensive.  Aim your rapid Air and Recon at the enemy’s towers to finish them off while your front line is battling his/her units.